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Contact Us

For referRal and clinical matter, please contact our clinic at 415-353-1606 / Fax: 415-353-1312.
Academic Office

Division of Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery 
UCSF Box 0118
500 Parnassus Ave, 
Millberry Union West, MUW-405
San Francisco, CA 94143

Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Administration

Kalpana Harish, MPH
Senior Director
Tel: 415-353-8869
[email protected]

Rachelle Lau
Operations Manager
Tel: 415-353-4371
[email protected]

Donna Liu
Research Supervisor
[email protected]  

Iamina Racine
Executive Analyst
Tel: 415-502-4147 
Ia[email protected]

Krislyn Malagum
Finance Analyst
Tel: 415-353-8196
[email protected]

Matilda Lee
HR and Operations Analyst 
Tel: 415-353-7995

Mari Collings
Education Program Administrator
Tel: 415-353-7502
[email protected]

Nathan Tran
Program Support Analyst
Tel: 415-514-0262
[email protected] 

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